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Welcome to everyone out there visiting the L3 Driver Training Solutions blog.

Welcome to everyone out there visiting the L3 Driver Training Solutions blog. Whether you are a driver, fleet supervisor, safety manager, finance guy or the head of your company, this blog aims to provide a forum for ideas and discussion that will help us all do a better job of making fleets safer and more productive. Our blog is designed to bring together the best collection of value-added content related to driver training. Our team is here to assist fleets in exploring best practices, lessons learned, and innovative trends in developing and implementing solutions for driver performance and training. Our team's extensive background is in putting together training and organizational programs across multiple industries, so we get to bring a lot of lessons learned to the table. The one major lesson learned is the importance of looking at the whole picture. Holistic may be a bit of a buzzword, but it is very true. In the topics and content you read here we will be looking at “putting it all together.” Training, by itself, is rarely the answer to what a company is trying to do. It is a key part of an overall managed program that makes sure drivers have the skills they need to be effective and safe, that these skills are kept in top form over time, that the skills are actually used out on the road and in the yard, and that these are the right skills to produce the results you want. We will be diving deeper into these topics and more over the coming months. our team will also be looking for your feedback, questions and suggestions as we go forward so don’t be shy with your comments.


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