Why Hire a Training Solutions Provider

Quick ROI. Minimal Capital Investment. 100% Success.

We are not just a simulator company, but an innovative, agile training solutions provider. We are the only supplier that actually uses our own equipment to train professional drivers. An integral component of our core business is the delivery of end-to-end training services that help companies and organizations improve their bottom line by reducing their training costs, improving their fuel economy, and by reducing the number of preventable incidents that occur each year. We help our customers save time and money (and sometimes lives) through our training services. All of this adds up to the kind of positive impact that leads to competitive advantage for our customers.

The delivery of driver training services places a high degree of accountability on L3 in terms of the effectiveness of our curriculum, relevant experience of our instructors, equipment reliability and adaptability to changing requirements. We believe that meeting this level of accountability is the most accurate indicator of a company’s corporate capabilities. Our consistent ability to serve the needs of our customers results in repeat business in the form of multi-year contracts, additional simulator purchases, and long-term partnerships. In 2013, we used our fleet of mobile classrooms to train 8,400 drivers for United Rentals alone.

The daily use of our simulators to facilitate direct training engagements with professional drivers has revealed practical insight regarding ease of use, reliability, and overall quality. The knowledge we have gained has been engineered into our products, enhanced our instructional materials, improved our courseware, and optimized our utilization of the simulator as an effective tool to promote learning and skill development.

The Role of a Training Solutions Provider

In order to implement a successful driver training program, there are key competencies that a Training Solutions Provider must possess and services that they must render, such as:
  • Understand the training and development needs of your organization. This comes through listening to and collaborating with customer personnel.
  • Ensure content, courseware, and documentation is provided to support your training activities.
  • Provide Certified Expert Trainers with experience to work with your staff or instructors to effectively and successfully implement the training as an integral component of your operations.
  • Deliver timely customer support and service to ensure the proper utilization of the training and any related offerings the customer may wish to integrate such as courseware, self-paced learning, etc.
  • Remain involved with your Training Department as a partner that can help to solve problems, share insights, introduce new applications, and deliver measurable benefits. This will prove to be invaluable to your remedial activities.
  • Help you maintain a sustainable program that will foster continuity as personnel changes due to promotions, retirement, and other forms of attrition.

The best driver training programs can withstand personnel changes without any deviation or fluctuation in the quality of the learning experience or in the consistency of the message being delivered by the Instructional staff.