Driver Training Solutions for Schools

Professional training tools and instructional materials for educational institutions and driver training schools.

With L3Harris driver training solutions, your drivers will be better suited and better trained to handle themselves while out on the road. Our driver training solutions will help accident reduction, improve driver recruitment and retention, improve fuel efficiency, reduce violations/fines, and optimize your training cycle time.

Accident Reduction

Our driver training services have proved to show a noticeable improvement in crash rates and crash severity. With our Decision Driving Assessment, we are able to increase drivers’ decision-making skills and enhance their critical thinking capabilities. Thanks to the full immersion of the training and real-life driving simulators, drivers will be trained to quickly adapt to different scenarios and increase cognitive engagement skills.

Improve Driver Recruitment and Hiring

L3 Driver’s commercial transportation training won’t just help your current fleet of drivers, but your future drivers as well. During the recruitment and hiring process, you will be able to identify and predict probable behavior and therefore improve candidate selection. Apart from that, you will also attract more qualified drivers who want to be assured that your company has invested in their career development. Once these drivers join your fleet, thanks to our training services, these drivers will stay at your company. With effective training comes a reduction in employee turnover. This also leads to better/quicker proficiency, reduced driver irritation, and overall happier employees.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Our training services don’t just help you and your drivers, they also help reduce costs for your company. By being properly trained and taught about progressive shifting best practices and other speed management skills, your drivers will increase your fleet’s MPG which lowers your operational costs.

Reduce CSA Violations and Fines

Increase regulatory compliance with initial, recurring, and remedial compliance training and lower the number of violations or fines your fleet may have. Our curricula is based on CSA BASIC categories and violation weighting which will help reduce observable vehicle defects violations and reduce exposure to inspections. And, of course, proper training will help reduce speeding violations in your fleet.

Optimize Training Cycle Time

Our integrated, tailored curriculum evaluates & trains to critical knowledge, based on trainee’s knowledge/skill gaps. This helps the training process run smoothly, effectively, and quickly. By the end of their training, drivers will be extremely prepared for work in the field.

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