Driver Training Systems

Integrated, adaptive driver training products & services

Best-in-class driver training technology

Highly customizable products and services to support effective delivery of content and management of training effectiveness.

L3Harris Driver is organized and equipped to provide the breadth and depth of capabilities that customers need to meet current driver training requirements and prepare their fleets for future demands. At the center of the offering is a core curriculum of content addressing key safety and productivity issues. When applied through any number of training delivery methods it will help carrier’s achieve numerous benefits including reduced crash rates, improved operational efficiency, optimize training time, and improve driver retention.

L3Harris Driver builds custom configurations of it products and services to ensure that your team gains the practical knowledge they need to perform their jobs. Our training solutions have been tested and proven by the military, public safety and first responders, public works fleets, transportation carriers, and others in some of the world’s most challenging environments. Our proven approach to training looks at the human performance objectives for each job and then designs and integrates adult learning techniques, generational learning characteristics and technology-based tools into a system that delivers work performance improvement. This comprehensive training solution addresses both skill development from basic to complex and the full spectrum of learning environments from one-on-one instruction to high fidelity simulation.

Training Solutions

Core Capabilities

Simulation-Based Training

Simulation based training allows drivers to experience real world road conditions in a risk-free environment. L-3 offers driver training simulation to provide hands-on skills development.

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Training Services

Eliminate the hassle of designing, developing, and maintaining a driver training program with a turnkey solution that is competitively priced and has flexible delivery options.

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Courseware Training

Our interactive courseware training provides intuitive, self-paced training experience possible allowing students to access driver training curriculum anytime, anywhere.

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Why Choose a Training Solutions Provider?

In today's business world it is not enough to be just a simulator company, but a training solutions provider. We are the only supplier that actually uses our own equipment to train professional drivers. An integral component of our core business is the delivery of an end-to-end training system that helps companies and organizations improve their bottom line.


We understand that it takes an integrated approach to improve and advance human performance. Whether your organization faces challenges in:

  • Improving employee performance, productivity and safety
  • Lowering operating costs
  • Meeting mandated state and federal training requirements
  • Educating new employees
  • Training existing staff and personnel
  • Gathering and analyzing workforce improvement
  • Improving your workforce efficiency with highly-trained staff

We help solve driver training challenges by providing:

  • Thorough analysis of training requirements
  • Individual Driver Task and Skills Analysis
  • Classroom Curriculum Analysis and Design
  • Training effectiveness and evaluation reviews
  • Development and implementation of interactive courseware
  • Learning center design and electronic classroom configuration
  • Computer-Based Training development
  • Integrated, multi-disciplinary solutions for various driving vocations
  • Driver training and heavy-equipment vehicle operation
  • Airport Ground Support Equipment (GSE) training and familiarization
  • Interactive multimedia classroom instruction
  • Situational Awareness and progressive scenario-based training