Construction Equipment Operator Solutions

Professional driver training solutions designed to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of heavy equipment operators.
Construction Training Simulator

Train your drivers on various types of construction & mining equipment, safely and effectively, for the skills needed to operate in dangerous, high risk environments.

Quickly create your own simulations, with no computer programming experience needed. Customize your scenarios with narrow streets, bridges and expressways; daytime and nighttime conditions; snow, ice, fog and other treacherous safety issues. We provide the most advanced snowplow training available - 365 days of the year, snow or shine. Either purchase a simulator or sign up for L3 mobile training center, where sim and trainer come to you.

Research Proves: Better trained drivers drive down costs

Studies by the Universities of Utah, Iowa and Arizona (in conjunction with the Utah DOT, Iowa DOT and Arizona DOT) show that drivers who receive L3Harris Driver simulator training have:

  • Reduced accidents
  • Reduced cost of accidents
  • Higher fuel efficiency
  • Reduced training time
  • They achieved these improvements, regardless of their years of experience. It also enabled them to select better recruits. Simulation training also:

    • Reduces companies’ insurance costs by reducing their liability exposure. (Simulator-trained drivers can sometimes qualify for personal insurance discounts, as high as 10 to 15%. Ask your insurance agent.)
    • Reduces capital investment for vehicles. By employing simulators for training, vehicles are spared heavy use, require less maintenance and last longer overall.

    Designed for realism, responsiveness and results.

    The Simulator recreates a ready-mix truck in both a front and rear discharge configuration. Computers track the driver’s speed, gear shifting, and braking. Trainers observe on closed circuit monitors what the driver sees up ahead and on both sides. Instantly change the challenge, including rain, snow, tire blow-outs, pedestrians and fallen trees. Our immediate diagnostic printout helps trainers spot bad habits.

    Features to Challenge Your Operators

    • Backing procedures
    • Space management
    • Speed management
    • Situational analysis
    • Hazard avoidance
    • Emergency maneuvers

    Configurations & Specs

    Concrete Truck/Ready-Mix Configurations

    • Concrete truck, Rear Discharge, Manual 9
    • Concrete truck, Rear Discharge, Auto
    • Concrete truck, Front Discharge, Auto


    • Height: 83 inches (2.11 meters)
    • Width: 119 inches (2.94 meters)
    • Depth: 63 inches (1.7 meters)
    • Weight: 1200 pounds (544 Kg)
    • Simulator Power Requirements: 60 Hz, 20-amp, 115vac
    • OpCon Power Requirements: 60 Hz, 15-amp, 115vac
    • Minimum Room Size: 10’ x 10’ x 8H