DeliverySim™ Driving Simulator

Improve safety, efficiency and preparedness of delivery drivers and service fleet operators.
DeliverySim Driving Simulator

Immersive training for delivery drivers of passenger shuttles, transit vehicles, utility vans and service vehicles.

The L3Harris DeliverySim™ is designed to help train transit and delivery operators with the knowledge, skills and attitude they need to successfully operate a paratransit or delivery vehicle. Simulation allows drivers to navigate city, country and suburban streets; day and night conditions; poor weather; and experience mechanical problems.

Build situational awareness and driving skills, all in a risk-free environment. Add custom challenges instantly to assess new and experienced drivers.

DeliverySim™ Driving Simulator

Simulation training allows practice of critical decision-making skills and reinforces positive decision making, situation and situational awareness in a realistic, risk-free environment.

Practical Training

Enhances initial driver training, periodic training and driver assessments allowing you to conduct practical real world training, on different terrains and for different road and atmospheric conditions.

Reduce Accidents

Our customers have significantly reduced preventable accidents and the severity of the accidents.

Improve Fuel Efficiency

Lower operational costs through better fuel efficiency. Realize fuel savings through better fuel management training.

Reduces Vehicle Costs

Minimize maintenance and damage to company-owned vehicles. Training on the simulator keeps your vehicles on the road and earning revenue.

Improve Driver Retention

Complete, consistent, objective feedback on performance gives drivers the skills and confidence to drive more safely and more efficiently.

Flexible Delivery Options

Include fixed site installation in a building or fully mobile training unit in a trailer or truck. Trailer options available to outfit in a mobile driver training unit complete with on-site classroom and instructors.

DeliverySim Simulator Cab

Simulator Features

  • Touchscreen interface for intuitive control of the system settings and training scenarios
  • Instructor Operator Station (IOS) included for effective management of training objectives, scenarios, and malfunction simulation.
  • Scenario difficulty can be adjusted to accommodate any experience level. Easily reproduce and rehearse unique driving situations.
  • Numerous scenarios covering a wide variety of training objectives
  • Vehicle, autonomous traffic, and environment libraries covering a wide variety of geographic settings and conditions
  • After action review (AAR) and playback capability
  • Collection and reporting of scoring data
  • Performance assessment tools and replay/de-brief software enhance training effectiveness.
  • Our reconfigurable Glass Dash allows the PatrolSim™ to load different vehicle types (synthetic gauges and instrumentation giving greater flexibility and upgradability).
  • Change the weather conditions (rain, snow, ice and fog), road/traffic environment to urban, suburban, rural, mountains, motorway, desert and the lighting conditions to day, night or twilight.
  • The Glass Console allows the instructor control of the simulator via touch screen at the Operators Console (OpCon) and gives operators simple and quick control to change vehicle type.

Visual System

  • High resolution visual display system with 4K-Ready LED LCD displays
  • A sharp and visually accurate 180° field-of-view creates an immersive driving environment
  • State-of-the-art simulation software delivers sharp visuals to enhance learning objectives.
  • Enhanced graphics engine capability enables population of more vehicles and objects per scenario.
DeliverySim Simulator Cab
Modern, Realistic

Transit Vehicle Design

  • Users can choose from a variety of predefined delivery fleet vehicle configurations
  • Force-loaded steering provides real-time feedback to augment muscle memory in situations such as a tire blowing, hitting the curb or sloshing liquid loads.
  • Commercial vehicle cab creates a realistic learning environment that includes a driving seat, steering wheel, brake, clutch and accelerator pedals to enhance realism and achieve better retention.
  • Realistic transit fleet vehicle transmission
  • Realistic vehicle dynamics including 21 DOF vehicle model

Simulator Specs

DeliverySim Specifications

What Are My Purchase Options?

Choose the right training solution option that works for your budget and needs.

Training Systems

You train your drivers
  • Ideal for fleets with a mature safety training program, who just need to purchase training simulators and systems to integrate.
  • You own the simulator
  • Manage your own program
  • Integrate your own curriculum
  • Sample training scenarios
  • Fixed Site or Mobile Ready
  • Purchase or Lease Option
  • Add-On: Online Courseware
  • Add-On: Assessment Engine
  • Add-On: Upgrades & Sim Options

Training Programs

We help you train your drivers
  • Ideal for fleets who have a driver training program and staff, but need help managing and improving the effectiveness.
  • Program Assessment
  • Manage your own program and content or
  • Integrate select L3 training content
  • Integrate select training scenarios
  • Access to Training Advisor expertise
  • Fixed Site or Mobile Ready
  • Purchase or Lease Option
  • Add-On: Online Training Access
  • Add-On: RITE-Train Engine
  • Add-On: Upgrades & Sim Options

Training Services

We Train Your Drivers
  • Ideal for fleets who understand the value of training, but do not yet have a robust driver training program.
  • Zero capital investment required
  • Access to latest hardware and software
  • Full catalog of training content
  • Pre-built Training scenarios
  • Includes Experienced Driving Instructors
  • Includes Mobile Training Center
  • Includes Computer-Based Training Courseware
  • Weekly rental rates available