Post Incident Remediation Coaching

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Industry Challenges

Accidents, litigation and insurance costs

Transportation companies face the daily challenge of being responsible for ensuring that their operations exceed the most stringent standards for safety and driver effectiveness, or they risk not only their business objectives, but the lives of their employees. After an incident, responding quickly and effectively is vital to ensure the problem doesn’t persist or get worse. However, by the time the trend or cause has been identified, it can be difficult to quickly create an appropriate and effective response.

Training Solution

For post-incident drivers and safety remediation

L-3 Post-Incident and Remediation Training package provides an immediate solution by providing safety training specifically tailored to the incident. L-3 can help you quickly and effectively mitigate the impact to your business, as well as help prevent future incidents by better preparing your drivers.

Our training services package provides your organization with everything needed to immediately start training your drivers on the skills and knowledge to address the problem as well as improve your driver’s overall effectiveness. L-3 can deliver the training tools, expertise, operations, and curriculum needed to address a wide variety of post-incident training needs and training objectives.


Driver Training Assessment

Identify individual strengths and weaknesses in a driver's over-the-road skills. The assessment provides the driver with an individualized development plan, which may be used to focus on improving specific skills or to reinforce retained skills.
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Driver Training Content

Training offers access to two content topics per driver, per engagement which can be automatically selected by the L-3 Driver Assessment, recommended by L-3 staff, or chosen specifically by the customer.

Training Delivery

Drivers will experience a blended learning environment where they engage in classroom discussions with an instructor, interact with online training content, and immerse in simulation-based, virtual driving scenarios.

Computer-Based Training

Experienced Trainers

Simulation-Based Training

On-the-Road Training

Training Centers

Web-Based Training

Training Engine

The L-3 Driver Training System utilizes our unique RITE-Train™ training engine which includes the following technology and features:

Learning Management

Manages student registrations, lesson enrollments, and performance results and delivers training materials.

Student Assessment

Automated assessment of knowledge and skills against learning objectives.

Adaptive Learning

Dynamic sequencing of training based on assessment results.

Intelligent Reporting

Real time per student results formatted for take home.

System Integration

Importing / exporting student and program data between customer and L-3 systems.

Advanced Motion System

High Fidelity Motion response for improved training experience

Advanced Visuals

Increased immersion, realism, better depth perception, and driving stresses.

Training Results: Measuring Success

L-3 believes that measuring training results is a best practice, and critical for helping our customers achieve business success. As a standard part of our delivery, we incorporate evaluation of those things that occur directly during the training event.
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