Training Program Assessment

The best training in the world is a waste of money unless it meets a valid learning need.

Our proven approach helps you find ROI in your training program.

Whether your organization knows exactly what its training requirements are or you have no idea where to begin our team is here to make sure that you invest in a solution that works for you.To help find the value of training for your organization:

Assess & Observe

Systematically assesses your current training program, organizational goals, and operations

Gap Analysis

Identify gaps between what you need your people to do and what they are actually capable of doing

Define KPIs

Analyze your best performers to capture and define best practices to help outline key performance indicators
Pre-Trip Inspection Tasks

Finding Value

We also meet with your newest team members just learning their jobs to find all the job tasks that the novice team member has difficulty performing, and those tasks where performance has been learned but where proficiency must be refined. This critical Gap Analysis enables our customers to understand their requirements and identify the best ways to close the performance gap. Overall the Needs Analysis process brings value of its own, and increases the value of follow-on training development by focusing efforts on specific performance objectives of the most critical nature.