Skillset™ Performance Assessment

Objective-based Driver Performance Assessment System
Your Assessment Training Tool for Simulation Training

SkillSet™ Software tests the driver’s response to tough situations. Through proper assessment and training, drivers can improve their decision-making process and become skilled at recognizing and managing risk.


Training Benefits

  • Instantly replay, review, and discuss a driver’s performance.
  • Clearly define criteria to facilitate a fair and consistent evaluation.
  • Consistent, tangible results across multiple instructors.
  • Tailor training to improve individual aptitude or group certification.
  • Instructors spend more time training and less time capturing results.
  • Group reports facilitate evaluation of individuals, relative to the group.
  • Bottom line: Improved safety training will reduce accidents and increase your ROI.

Training Applications

Pre-screen hiring, post-accident remediation, benchmarking decision-making skills within an entire fleet of drivers, targeted training for experienced drivers and back/dock tractor-trailer

Variety of scenarios

Designed to test judgement, drivers encounter suburban and highway surroundings, intersection protocols, railroad crossings, as well as vehicles and pedestrians behaving dangerously

Training Measurement Tools

SkillSet™ Software tests and reports on the following driver events:

Startup & Shutdown Procedures

  • Vehicle in motion prior to engine start
  • Park brake not set prior to engine start
  • Attempt to start engine when brake air pressure is low
  • Failure to adjust rearview mirrors
  • Seatbelt not fastened prior to motion
  • Park brake not set prior to engine shutdown
  • Failure to complete assigned route

Essential Training Skills

Backing Up & Turning

  • Excessive speed
  • Improper positioning
  • Failure to use hazard lights
  • Improper use of turn signals

Space Management

  • Collision due to weather
  • Collision due to speed
  • Collision due to any malfunctions
  • Driving on curbs
  • Following too close
  • Failure to stop or yield in intersection

Speed Management

  • Exceeding posted speed limit
  • Speed too high for existing conditions
  • Hard braking
  • Vehicle rolling backwards
  • Engine stall
  • Riding brake or clutch

Learning Management System Features

SkillSet™ software includes a Learning Management System (LMS) which enables the instructor to:
  • Schedule classes
  • Preload student data and class assignments
  • Review student performance data
  • Incorporate data from multiple simulator
  • Access previous scoring data and reports.