Bus & Public Transit Fleet Solutions

Professional driver training solutions designed to improve the knowledge, skills and attitudes of transit operators.

Training Solution Capabilities

Our team is dedicated to helping your agency develop a comprehensive training strategy that will ensure improved safety, efficiency and preparedness.
Transit Operator Computer Based Training

A New Approach to Training

  • Comprehensive Safety Curriculum
  • Automated performance assessment
  • Blended learning: instructor led, computer based and simulation
  • Mobile & Fixed location classrooms
  • Consultation & Development Services
TransitSim Bus Simulator Left Turn Scenario

Hire-to-Retire Training Programs

  • New hire programs
  • Refresher training programs
  • Annual certifications
  • Return-to-work
  • Corrective actions/remedial training
  • Transitional operator program
  • Train-the-trainer services
Transit Operator Training Course

Risk Free Training for Drivers

  • Basic skills development
  • Mirror set up and utilization techniques
  • Pivot point and proper clearance
  • Pedestrian awareness
  • Close-quarter maneuvering
  • Backing procedures
  • Space management and forward planning
  • Hazard avoidance
  • Emergency maneuvers
  • Turning, intersections, passing and lane changes

Transit Operator Training Services

Our team of experienced transit professionals can help your organization develop a comprehensive training strategy that will ensure improved safety performance.
  • Peer Review of Safety and Training Programs
  • Interactive Courseware and Curriculum Development
  • Simulator Implementation & Integration Strategies
  • Human Performance Indicators to promote Safety Culture and Continuous Improvement
  • Assessment tools to record progress and document/report proficiency.
  • Train the Trainer Programs to ensure effective utilization of simulation, courseware, and program rollouts
  • Develop custom simulator lessons / Accident reconstructions / Virtual roadeos to meet the most pressing agency needs
  • Experienced instructors to assist (or augment) local Instructional Team for specific time intervals to cover shortages, special events, and/or to deliver custom programs
  • Direct delivery of training services to Operations Personnel (both Revenue & Non-Revenue personnel)
  • Define Corrective Action plans in response to specific types of collisions (Remedial Focus) to ensure operators are properly prepared for their return to passenger service.

Simulation-Based Training

Simulation-based training enhances initial bus operator training, periodic refresher training, and driver assessments allowing you to conduct practical real world training, in different mass transit scenarios and for different road and atmospheric conditions. Simulation based training with L-3 driving simulators reinforces positive decision making, situation and spatial awareness, and promotes mastery of core skills through training in a realistic, risk-free environment with repeatable scenarios. Our experts work directly with your local instructional teams to ensure the desired skills and safe driving behaviors transfer into observable daily habits.

TransitSim Bus Simulator Closeup

TransitSim™ Bus Driving Simulator

The TransitSim™ offers a flexible platform for training fixed route bus operators to learn basic skill development, situation awareness, decision-making, judgment training, and vehicle operations. Simulators enable trainers to supplement behind-the-wheel training to promote the safe and efficient operation of a standard fixed route transit bus.

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DeliverySim Driving Simulator

DeliverySim™ Driving Simulator

The DeliverySim™ is designed to help prepare transit operators with the knowledge, skills and attitude they need to successfully operate a paratransit or delivery vehicle. Simulation allows drivers to navigate rural, country roads and suburban or city streets; day and night conditions; inclement weather; and experience a wide range of common mechanical problems.

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